Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Enlightening Empowering & Elevating

Life Coach Melissa H.

Need Spiritual Or Relationship Guidance? Facing A Crisis? Need Clarity? Ready To Feel Inspired And Energized?

Why Work With A Spiritual Life Coach:

Just as even the most successful athletes perform better with assistance from their coaches, you can benefit from intuitive insights that help you better see both the big picture and a clear view of your highest potential.  Coaching decreases your stress levels as you make life altering changes, helping you better utilize your natural gifts. When you begin to deeply understand your role in your life story, and come to appreciate your own unique hero's journey, you will:

•Better understand your true calling.

•Learn new and different ways to respond to difficult people and circumstances.

•Make balanced life plans and focused decisions.

•Break free of self limiting thought patterns so you can reach personal and professional goals.

•Discover your natural gifts and a sense of life purpose.

•Bring your dreams into reality.

•Receive validation for your intuitive insights.

•Make graceful life transitions.

Melissa's Life Coaching Methodology:

The nature of each session with Melissa is highly individual, since your needs are ever-changing, and no other person is exactly like you. Sometimes you may need to an emotional release, other times you may require assistance figuring out what to do next in your life or how to deal with a particular challenge. Melissa can help you align yourself with your spiritual gifts and higher purpose to feel prosperous and successful in every area of your life, understand the inner messages and lessons to be learned, discover your goals and visions, and offer insight into your personal and business relationships. Melissa can help you choose between various possibilities to create the life you most desire, as she encourages you to see through the obstacles to your desired goals for balance, prosperity, and happiness.

Sessions & Appointments:

Most sessions are one half hour telephone or chat session, with one no cost follow-up session any time from one week to a few months later. Some people prefer to schedule email consultations, sending question(s) via email. Choose an option that best suits your needs.


Consultations with Melissa H. are based on analysis that is spiritual in nature, and are to be used for informational purposes only. A Spiritual Life Coach session is not a substitute for medical or psychological diagnosis and treatment. Melissa H. is not a licensed medical practitioner, does not diagnose conditions, does not perform medical treatment, does not prescribe substances, and does not interfere with the treatment of a client by a licensed medical professional.

Clients bear the responsibility for any decisions they take based on the information provided by Melissa H.  And Melissa H. Shall not be liable to anyone for any loss or injury resulting from the direct or indirect use of such information, and shall not be liable for any decision made or action taken by me or others in reliance upon such information. Melissa H. obtains information from various sources which she believes to be reasonably reliable. However, she makes no claims, representations, or warranties as to the information's completeness, accuracy, currency, or reliability.

It is recommended that clients see physicians or licensed healthcare professionals for physical or psychological ailments.

Questions? Feel Free To Email Me Or Contact Me At My Etsy Shop: https://www.etsy.com/listing/715500691/spiritual-crisis-life-coaching-thirty

Enlightening Empowering & Elevating

Life Coach Melissa H. Need Spiritual Or Relationship Guidance? Facing A Crisis? Need Clarity? Ready To Feel Inspired And Energized? ...